Bridge Terminals

Scan – Just as it sounds, a Scan station either at a colony or on a ship. Scan is what detects planetoids, space debris, other ships, or anomalies, and relays their relation to the position of the ship.

Targ – Targ is short for targeting, the stations used at a colony or ship to direct the matter cannons or weaponry using information from Scan.

Link – This station is responsible for receiving and delivering messages to and from the ship.

Data – This station is designed to monitor ship data, such as hull integrity, life support, power, etc. Data is also used for noticing and correcting discrepencies in the code or information sent from different stations to the ship’s main computer, so it often requires very intelligent individuals to man this station. The Data station is sometimes combined with the Link station, since the latter is commonly used passively. It is also common to find two data stations so two people can tackle this complicated task.

Helm – This station is used for controlling the thrust and bearings of a ship, as well as the activation of a gap drive if the ship has one.

Command – Reserved for the captain of the ship, this station relays summaries of data from all stations, highlighting important information. Screens from any of the stations can be brought up at this one, and the command station can override the controls to any of the above stations.

Bridge Terminals

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