A trait many people carry from childhood to adulthood causes them to take more and more liberties with their morals and behaviours with a lack of supervision. The Cyrus Space Technologies Police (CSTP) were eventually founded after space colonization and travel became increasingly public, and increasingly less monitored. Because space travel was inherently dangerous for reasons aside from other people when it was in it’s infancy, weapons had not been developed for any spacecraft. However, once space travel became more common, and colonies and stations started to establish themselves farther and farther from planet Earth, piracy started to become an issue. Illegals of all kinds were flourishing in this lawless environment, with no form of government body in space to regulate or supervise them.

There are many reasons more precautions weren’t put into place when humans made the big movement skyward. At the time, the minds of nearly the entire globe were all focused on working together to save their race, save their planet. No one in their right mind would do anything to harm each other when so much was at stake. Along with this, the desperate need for resources, and the limited time to accquire them created a lack of foresight, setting the stage early on in the EEM initiative. Once logic and inevitability caught up with them, EarthGov realized that something must be done, and sought a way to bring order to space quickly.

EarthGov itself could not afford to develop it’s own space program, or ships, with the endless troubles they faced on the planet. Because of this, CST, with the largest presence in known space, was approached and entered negotiations with EarthGov to allow CST to militarize to a limited degree. With this capability, CST formed a new branch known as the CSTP, which started development on ships designed for actual combat situations, as well as weapons that could potentially combat the deadly Matter Cannons that were used as makeshift weapons predominantly by pirates.

When CST became a government body, the CSTP was designed as a separate branch of space government, so CST was not given total control of space. This helped retain some of the checks and balances that existed in previous forms of government back on earth. Because the power is spread out, it keeps most citizens at rest, though there are rumors that the CSTP is under CST’s control. Rumors aside, most see the CST’s rules and regulations as perfectly reasonable, and the new sense of safety and freedom provided by CSTP has made life in space more comfortable.


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