Cyrus Space Technologies

When the EEM initiative sent any company willing to invest in the venture groping into the heavens for a means of survival, only a handful were set to succeed. Of the few remaining, today, none of them are quite as successful as Cyrus Space Technologies (CST). CST was founded by a leading R&D company, Henschen-Moss. This company had been contracted many times in the past to develop and produce technology, vehicles, and weaponry for the government, which means it existed when things such as war could even be considered.

With assistance from a number of anonymous backers, as well as grants provided by the EEM initiative, Henschen-Moss assigned Jauffre Cyrus, formerly of America’s NASA, as a project lead for a new EEM department. With NASA, Dr. Cyrus had developed a number of groundbreaking propulsion systems and trans-atmospheric ship designs, making him a top pick to head such an organization, and the envy of many. Before long, CST became a major player in the survival of the human race.

After establishing their presence in space, and creating an orbital research facility, many new possibilities emerged due to the weightless environment and limitless space used in their research. After some time, CST announced the development of the Gap Drive, a tool so astonishing, and so game-changing, hopes for Earth’s survival became higher than they’d ever been. CST began developing Gap Drives exclusively for use within the company, and began expanding outward, mapping areas of space that were previously not thought reachable for thousands of years.

They are currently the largest company in existance, with their own branch in the Earth’s government. Today, they are widely regarded as being soley responsible for humanity’s future.

Cyrus Space Technologies

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