Living Conditions on Earth

Most cities on the veritible Pangaea of Earth are decaying, decrepit remains of their former selves. Lack of funds, resources, and a high population are all symptoms of the planet’s current condition, and if it were not for CST and other EEM companies, Earth would have died centuries ago. These days there are too many people to effectively govern or enforce laws upon, so areas on the surface of the planet itself vary from mostly safe to lawless, with large stretches of officially ‘uninhabited’ cityscape being overrun with the homeless, as well as criminals and gangs. Upper class that have decided to remain on earth usually live in areas designated as Protected Zones, island cities or raised sections of cities that have a higher level of security bordering on military control. This is where most of the armed forces on the planet’s surface can be found.

Attitudes between those who live in the safety of isolated, protected areas and those who live outside are predictably sour. Those who live close to the borders of protected city are afforded a slightly more secure lifestyle, but only the criminals or the insane wish to live or spend any amount of time in The Slums. The slums are where you can see the true struggle, the true calamity of the human race, with constant warring between the haves and have-nots, gangs fighting over things far more important than territory: food, shelter, and water.

Areas immediately outside of protective zones have been given a cynical nickname, The Runoff, named such for the slight benefits they receive due to their proximity to the remains of earthen military forces, and the upper-class citizens that support them. Outreach programs from Protected Zones to The Runoff make efforts to put money and food into the hands of people that need it, but it never seems to be enough. Living at the fringes of The Runoff is dangerous, since the guard at the borders of such areas is very lax by comparison to the Protected Zone. As a result, gangs aren’t so restricted from entering The Runoff to violently remove the benefits of living so close to the upper class.

All of the jobs you would expect to find can be found on earth. No matter where one finds work, be it a hospital, a school, or a grocery store, there always seems to be a shortage of employees and an overabundance of patients, students, or customers. Globally, lethargy and a declining sense of empathy is very common. With so many people looking out for themselves, with so many people guarding what precious little they have, they rarely find the time or the heart to care about the needs of others. Families stay close, often living in the same household, or very near each other, sharing everything they have to get through the suffering of everyday life on Earth.

Living Conditions on Earth

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