Personal Tech in Space

Desperation sent humans into outer space, desperation for minerals and materials we use not only to survive, but also to entertain ourselves, and stave off boredom. Unfortunately, when survival is key, other things have to take a backseat. As a ressult of the situation the human race was in, most production on new electronics, vehicles, and other resource-hungry industries was cut very low, and the remaining electronic commodities tend to be reserved for the very rich and prosperous.

It’s not as though the less fortunate don’t have options for entertainment, however – the internet is a largely public service which is accessable at data terminals located fairly easily in ships, stations or colonies. There is also a trade for old books, baubles, tools and electronics from the early 21st century. A lot of these are modifiable for use with current tech, especially cellular phones or other UMPC devices. With some routine modifications, Cell Phones can be made to access the data feeds that go throughout stations or ships, effectively allowing them to access the internet (to a limited capacity), or communicate with others that are also connected to the network.

As of yet this hasn’t been deemed illegal, though some managers of data feeds argue that these devices dangerously compromise security. Most people obtain something like a Cell Phone or UMPC, since they can be very handy in the event you don’t have access to a data terminal or anything similar. They can be used to keep track of time (which requires plenty of variables in space), tasks, anything they can find or create a program for.

Aside from this, spacers have a fairly standard array of tools that are easy enough to find – multitools, lighters, knives, etc. Unless you’re on a CST or CSTP vessel/station, the general attitude in space is that you use what works.

Personal Tech in Space

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