Political Structure

The political structure between Earth and Space has become very precarious and is widely regarded as undefined. Technically the CST is under control of EarthGov, but due to the increasing power of CST due to their sole contributions to the future of the human race, the company began to make it’s status known.

Harmon Stenerson, who was CEO of CST at the time, pushed through the proper legal and political channels to reason with EarthGov, explaining that his company was being slowed down by abiding to laws and restrictions that came too slowly, and without context from Earth. This raised concern as to whether CST would be able to obtain resources as quickly as Earth needed them to survive.

Since an overwhelming majority of spacers felt similarly, that they should not be governed by men that have never left Earth’s gravity well. After years of political battles, EarthGov eventually concluded that CST was best fit to govern known space as a seperate branch. EarthGov could not handle it themselves since the precious resources they were getting from space were being used to fix the problems on Earth. They couldn’t afford to create a new space program, or build the ships and equipment.

Since giving a corporation sole governing responsibility of such a large area was not felt to be in the best interests of Earth, the Governing Council of Earth and Space (GCES) was established to create talks between the two, keeping CST as a branch beneath EarthGov itself, while allowing it to make new laws and regulations that affect citizens in space within a reasonable amount of time.

Later, when the forming of the CSTP became necessary, it was established as a separate branch of government in Space. This way, CST could not control the actions of the military force, and CSTP could not change policy and regulation within known space. For any decisions to be made for the CSTP, it requires a decision made at GCES, in otherwords, a decision made by all three parties, so the military is kept under strict supervision and control.

Political Structure

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